Visualize Your Dreams

Going After Your DreamsIn order to go after your dreams, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you’re seeking in life. When you can define the life you’ll live when your dreams come true, your passion will ignite. And once your passion is burning bright, you’ll be compelled to develop the confidence you require to achieve those dreams.

Explore the following questions to aid you in visualizing what your desires will “look like.”

  1. Who will be living with you? An important part of the future you crave will likely include others. When you imagine your dream life, who else do you include in the picture?
  • The better you can visualize the people who you’ll want near you, the more you’ll beef up your confidence level. You’ll begin to think, “I’m working hard to make my dreams come true and I want (a spouse, a child, for example) to be with me. It’s going to happen.”
  1. What will you be doing? Thinking about what you want in life is a brilliant exercise because it will help you live in such a way that your dream will eventually materialize. Visualize what you’ll be doing.
  • For example, consider the transportation method you’ll use to get around. Maybe you’ll be riding a bus or the subway. Perhaps you’ll be driving a nice car or walking throughout a small community.
  • Consider how you’ll be spending your spare time in your dream life.
  • Imagining what you’ll be doing in your self-designed future will place you in the mindset that will move you closer to your goals. Your confidence will soar as you entertain thoughts of how you’ll pass your time.
  1. Which career will you be working in? Now we’re getting to some real specifics about what you want in life—how you’ll earn the money to live the dream existence.
  • Maybe you’ll be an artist in New Orleans, living in a small apartment with an extra room for your art studio. Perhaps you plan to become a traveling salesperson where you occasionally venture out of the country to contact potential customers. Or you hope to open your own small business in a town where you can walk to work.
  • Think about what your job environment might look like. Maybe you’ve seen people working in the career you want on television or in movies. As you imagine yourself carrying out the duties of the career you desire, your confidence will rise.
  1. Where will you be living? As you progress through answering these questions, you can see how your dreams are materializing. You’ve probably already had bits of thoughts about where you’d be living just by working on the above questions. Now, focus on that question—the ideal location of where you’ll be living when you’re living your dream life.
  • An apartment in the big city might be the place for you. Or a big farmhouse out in the country is what you desire so you can have all the space you want. Maybe you’ll choose a resort area where you can live upstairs from all the shops and boutiques in order to reside in your chosen element.
  • Wherever your dream location is, visualize what it could look like. Your confidence will be bolstered as you imagine living in the place you want to be.
  1. When will you be comfortable with your life? You’ll become more confident as you reflect on the point in your journey when you recognize you’re comfortable and feel you’re either close to achieving your fantasy life or have accomplished your desired result.

Imagining what your future will look like on a regular basis will help you build a mindset that encourages your confidence. When you often entertain your visualization, you’ll begin to realize, “This is going to happen—I can live the life I want.”



“With the realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.” ~Dalai Lama 

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